Beginner Level


Intro to Pole and Dance

This class is great to get a taste of what Bella Pole and Dance is all about. We will start class with our signature warm up and then you will learn a piece or our Beginner Routine that we teach in our Beginner Series. 

Beginner Pole and Dance Series

Get ready to set your soul on fire in this 5 week beginner series that is designed specifically for all fitness levels! 

You will progressively learn, spins, transitions, floor work and all the in between moves to put it all together in a complete routine!

Pole and Dance 2.0 Series

Now that you have finished our 5 week Beginner pole and dance series you are ready to take it to the next level! In this series get ready to heighten your experience on and off the pole by learning techniques to climb, sit, and transition along with indulging into movement and dance by embellishing the beginner routine. In this series you will gain strength, flexibility, and most importantly you will have a deeper connection with your body and movement which will empower you to be more confident. 

Pre-Req Beginner Series and proficient in beginner spins that were taught in Beginner Series.  

Pole and Dance 3.0

Now that you have finished Pole and Dance 2.0 you are ready for Pole and Dance 3.0. You will build off what you have learned by learning combo spins, gaining strength in Basic climb and ariel Poses and exploring freestyle movement. 

Pre-Rec Completed Beginner Series and Pole and Dance 2.0

New Student Special!

Next Level

Intermediate Classes: 

These classes are drop in basis which means you pay per class and come as is convenient to your schedule.

Intermediate Classes


Climb and Spin

This class is designed for students who are out of the Beginners Series or currently enrolled in the Beginners Series. In this class we will be working on the basics of pole climbs, including combo spins, transitions and pole conditioning. 

Flex and Stretch

This is an ALL LEVEL pole conditioning with a focus to take you to the next level where ever you are at in your pole journey. This class will use apparatus's that includes the pole, blocks, and floor. With consistent attendance to this class, you will see faster achievements of set goals thru acquired strength building, flexibility and technique. Strength move modifications will be provided depending on student level. 

Low Flow

This class was created for those that are ready to add layers to where ever you are in your pole journey. You will learn a choreograph combo and each week we will guide you through exercises to make it your own.  At the end of class you get a chance to dance through the combo while exploring other creative movement.This class is great for students who are familiar with Basic spins. Step spin, fireman, front leg hook, back leg hook and Beginner pole routine. Pre-Req-Complete Beginner Series or Instructor approval.

Mixed Level Pole

This is a mixed level class for students who have completed our 5 week Beginner Pole and Dance Series and are ready to take their journey to the next level. We will work with each student in their progression level. This is for students that are comfortable with Beginner spins on both sides, ready to learn to climb and or have a desire to invert.

Pre-Req-Complete Beginner Series or Instructor approval.

Class price

5 Week Beginner Series

Reg Price $135

Early Bird $125

Drop in classes

Single Class $25

Intro to Pole and Dance

Beginner Pole and Dance Series

Drop in Classes